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Announcing DameWare Remote Support v10 

Now Includes DameWare Mobile Support for iOS 6+ Devices


Want more power and control? We can’t help you control The Universe, but DameWare Remote Support (DRS) Version 10 delivers the tools you need to remotely manage the Windows® desktops and laptops in your IT universe.

Now you can wield control from any Windows® computer, iPhone®, or iPad® and reset a password, unlock an account, or troubleshoot a computer—from anywhere and at any time.

If you want to access your environment away from your desk, DameWare Mobile is the perfect tool.

iPad®  with Virtual Mouse to Remotely Control Computers
  • Remote access from iPhones & iPads
  • Use comprehensive Active Directory functionality, including filtering objects & attributes
  • Export network and workstation configurations for compliance reporting
  • Inventory & manage everything from domains to logs or from software to users
  • Operate DameWare Mini Remote Control for powerful remote troubleshooting & management

Looking as a FED customer? DameWare also supports remote Smart Card Authentication and Interactive Smart Card Login, including the ability to select from multiple certificates on one smart card.

​​Download a free trial today and get all the award-winning remote administration power of DameWare Remote Support
plus DameWare Mobile for iOS 6+ devices.

Take DameWare Remote Support for a Test Drive

Why DameWare Remote Support?

  • ​DameWare provides affordable, comprehensive remote support.
  • Full control - keeping your data secure within your environment.
  • Troubleshoot end-user problems using remote control.
  • Update and maintain Microsoft® Active Directory.
  • Inventory and export server and laptop configurations.d
  • No limits to the number of devices you can support.

Because DRS includes MRC you get all the remote control features plus - remote troubleshooting, Active Directory management, easy reports & exports. ®Plus, DameWare Mobile is only available in DRS.

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