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DameWare® Remote Support - One Console to Manage Them All

Remote Support Software for Windows®, Mac OS® X, & Linux® from iOS® 6+ Devices

Want More Power & Control?

We can’t help you control The Universe, but DameWare Remote Support (DRS) Version 10 delivers the tools you need to remotely manage the Windows desktops and laptops in your IT universe.

Now you can wield control from any Windows computer, iPhone, or iPad and reset a password, unlock an account, or troubleshoot a computer—from anywhere and at any time.

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If you want to access your environment away from your desk, DameWare Mobile is the perfect tool.

  • Remote access from iPhones & iPads
  • Use comprehensive Active Directory functionalit, including filtering objects & attributes
  • Export network and workstation configurations for compliance reporting
  • Inventory & manage everything from domains to logs or from software to users
  • Operate DameWare Mini Remote Control for powerful remote troubleshooting & management

Looking as a FED customer? DameWare also supports remote Smart Card Authentication and Interactive Smart Card Login, including the ability to select from multiple certificates on one smart card.


Desktop Remote Control

DameWare Remote Support lets you take control of the desktop of a remote computer. Using DameWare Remote Support, you can remotely support end-users as if you were standing over their shoulder!

Chat with end-users as you troubleshoot

Take screenshots of the remote desktop

Control who has access to remote systems

Agent Backward Compatibility

Why DameWare Remote Support?

  • ​DameWare provides affordable, comprehensive remote support.s
  • Full control - keeping your data secure within your environment.s
  • Support 1,000s of computers anywhere, anytime.s
  • Priced per-admin instead of per-managed computer, making it easy to afford.s
  • No limits to the number of devices you can support.s

Simple. Easy. Affordable.

Remote Windows Administration

Resolve many Windows problems without having to take remote control of the computer. DameWare Remote Support lets you manage and administer Windows computers remotely from a single console.

Manage Windows Services and Processes

Add Shares, Move Files and Reformat Disk Drives

View and clear events in the Windows Event Log

Run custom scripts with System Tools

Remote Control & Then Some ...

  • Because DRS includes MRC you get all the remote control features plus remote troubleshooting, Active Directory® management, and easy reports & exports
  • DRS allows you to troubleshoot remote Windows® computers without having to start full remote control sessions.
  • Plus, DameWare Mobile is only available in DRS

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Active Directory® Management

Add, delete and update Active Directory Objects including Organizational Units (OUs), Containers, Users and Groups. Manage multiple Active Directory domains from one console.

Active Directory Management of Multiple Domains

Update Active Directory Extended Attributes

Add, Remove and Update Active Directory Users

Automatically deploy the Active Directory Agent

Where do you do "IT" remotely?