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Depending on which version you own of DameWare, there are a number of possiblities when it comes to upgrading. V11 is available to you if you are on current maintenance or available to purchase in our online store. To find the appropriate upgrade path for you, just click on the most applicable section below. 

Upgrade to Version 11

If your maintenance has expired, the best option is to upgrade your existing license keys. Please contact us directly:

If you are under current maintenance, All SolarWinds products include a 12-month maintenance period with initial purchase entitling current & active maintenance customers to ALL current releases during the 12-month maintenance period. If you purchased a DameWare product in the last 12 months or are under a current maintenance contract with SolarWinds, you may download version 11 from the SolarWinds Customer Portal and upgrade free of charge.

Upgrade from Mini Remote Control to DameWare Remote Support

To easily upgrade please contact us directly:

DameWare Remote Support (DRS) provides access to the full suite of DameWare system administration tools - which includes Mini Remote Control (MRC). What does DRS software include?

  • DameWare Mobile - using the DameWare Mobile Gateway and the Mobile Client (available in the iTunes App Store) DameWare users can connect via iPhone & iPad devices to provide remote support
  • Remote Windows Administration - a comprehensive set of tools that allows you to troubleshoot Windows computers remotely without having to initiate a full remote control session.
  • Active Directory Management - manage AD objects from multiple AD domains, and edit Group Policies from the DRS console.
  • DameWare Exporter - export AD objects like users & groups to CSV format and export system configurations in bulk.

With Mini Remote Control already part of DRS - you have five products wrapped in one all accessible through an easy-to-use console.

Add Seats to your Current DameWare Licenses 

Has your IT organization grown? If so, you may need to add seats to your existing DameWare licenses to accommodate your new IT personnel. Adding seats to your DameWare licenses is easy and inexpensive. Contact us directly or login to your customer portal to add seats to your license:


To easily upgrade please contact us directly or 855.270.1449